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Adams / San Toy  Covered BridgeAntique Cars Covered BridgeArmstrong / Clio Covered BridgeAsia Quest Covered BridgeBallard Road Covered BridgeBarkhurst Mill Covered BridgeBarn Restaurant, The Covered BridgeBay / Tinker Covered BridgeBell Covered BridgeBenetka Road Covered BridgeBergstresser / Dietz Covered BridgeBible College Covered BridgeBickham Covered BridgeBigelow / Little Darby Covered BridgeBlackburn-Wesner Covered BridgeBlackwood Covered BridgeBlue Rock State Park Covered BridgeBowman Mill or Reddington Covered BridgeBoy Scout Camp Covered BridgeBridge of Dreams Covered BridgeBridge to Yesteryear Covered BridgeBrubaker Covered BridgeBuck Run Road Covered BridgeBuckskin Covered BridgeByer Covered BridgeCampbell / Shaeffer Covered BridgeCanal Greenway Covered BridgeCat Run Alley Covered BridgeCatawba Willows Covered BridgeCemetery Road / Glen Helen Covered BridgeChambers Road Covered BridgeCharles Holliday Covered BridgeCharlotte's Crossing Covered BridgeCharlton Mill Road Covered BridgeChristman Covered BridgeChurch Hill Road Covered BridgeChurch of Christ at Alexandria Covered BridgeClifton Mill Covered BridgeClio / Armstrong  Covered BridgeColumbus Zoo TrainCovered Bridge Estates Covered BridgeCovered Bridge Farms Covered BridgeCox Covered BridgeCreek Road Covered BridgeCulbertson-Treacle Creek Covered BridgeDavis Farm Covered BridgeDietz / Bergstresser Covered BridgeDixon Branch Covered BridgeDoyle Road Covered BridgeDutch Kitchen Restaurant Covered BridgeEakin Mill / Arbaugh Covered BridgeEldean Covered BridgeEli Mast Covered BridgeEllis Pond Covered BridgeEverett Road Covered BridgeFeedwire Road Covered BridgeFletcher Covered BridgeForaker Covered BridgeFreedom Bridge Covered BridgeFussganger Covered BridgeGeeting Covered BridgeGeorge Hutchins Covered BridgeGermantown Covered BridgeGiddings Road Covered BridgeGirl Scout Camp / Shoults Covered BridgeGolden Acres Covered BridgeGregg Mill Covered BridgeHamilton Township Park Covered BridgeHampton, The Covered BridgeHannaway Covered BridgeHarpersfield Covered BridgeHarra Covered BridgeHarrison Smith Park Covered BridgeHarshman Covered BridgeHartman No 2 Covered BridgeHelmick Covered BridgeHelmick Mill Covered BridgeHenry Covered BridgeHills or Hildreth Covered BridgeHindman Memorial Covered BridgeHizey Covered BridgeHomestead Covered BridgeHopewell Church Covered BridgeHumpback / Ponn's Covered BridgeHune Covered BridgeIndian Camp Covered BridgeIndian Fork Covered BridgeIrwin Raber Covered BridgeJacks Hollow Covered BridgeJames Thornbury No1 Covered BridgeJames Thornbury No2 Covered BridgeJapanese Garden BridgeJasper Road Covered BridgeJewett Veterans Memorial Covered BridgeJohn Bright No.2 Covered BridgeJohn Raab Covered BridgeJohn Watkins Covered BridgeJohnson Covered BridgeJohnson Road Covered BridgeKidwell Covered BridgeKings Island #2 Covered BridgeKnowlton Covered BridgeLake Ellensmere Covered BridgeLake Point Park Covered BridgeLantermans Mill Covered BridgeLicking Bend Covered BridgeLions Covered BridgeLittle Darby / Bigelow Covered BridgeLittle League Diamonds Covered BridgeLynchburg Covered BridgeManchester Covered BridgeMartinsville Road Covered BridgeMary Ruffner Covered BridgeMathys Covered BridgeMcClain Covered BridgeMcCleery Covered BridgeMcClellan Covered BridgeMcColly Covered BridgeMcGuire Covered BridgeMechanicsville Road Covered BridgeMemorial Park Covered BridgeMiddle Road Covered BridgeMill Branch Covered BridgeMiller's Dry Goods Covered BridgeMink Hollow Covered BridgeMinuteman Covered BridgeMohican Covered BridgeMt. Olive / Grand Staff Covered BridgeMull Covered BridgeNetcher Road Covered BridgeNewton Falls Covered BridgeNorth Lewisburg Road Covered BridgeOlins Covered BridgeOSU Campus Covered BridgePalos Covered BridgePark Hill - Rich Valley Covered BridgeParker Covered BridgeParks or South Covered BridgeParrish Covered BridgePorters / Pikes Peak No2 Covered BridgeR.F. Baker Covered BridgeRinard Covered BridgeRiverdale Road Cvered BridgeRiverview School Covered BridgeRoberts Covered BridgeRock Mill Covered BridgeRoley School House Covered BridgeRoot Covered BridgeRoot Road Covered BridgeRosseau Covered BridgeRoute 42 Covered BridgeSalt Creek Covered BridgeSan Toy / Adams Covered BridgeSells Covered BridgeShaeffer / Campbell Covered BridgeShinn Covered BridgeShoemaker Park Covered BridgeShoults / Girl Scout Camp Covered BridgeShryer Covered BridgeSkull Fork Covered BridgeSmolen-Gulf Covered BridgeSouth Denmark Covered BridgeSpain Creek Covered BridgeSpringbrook Covered BridgeSt. Clairsville Golf Course Covered BridgeState Road Covered BridgeStevenson Road Covered BridgeStutzman's Crossing Covered BridgeSwartz Covered BridgeT.J. Evans Panhandle Trail Covered BridgeTech Lake Recreational Club Covered BridgeTeegarden Covered BridgeThomas J. Malone Covered BridgeTinker / Bay Covered BridgeUpper Darby / Pottersburg Covered BridgeVolunteer Covered BridgeWar of 18 Holes Covered BridgeWarnke Covered BridgeWayne County Fairgrounds Covered BridgeWeaver Park Covered BridgeWesner / Blackburn Covered BridgeWest Engle Mill Road Covered BridgeWildwood Covered Bridge / Bob HardenWindsor Mills Covered BridgeYoder Covered BridgeZeller-Smith Covered Bridge

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